15 June, 2009

sexy sexy jenny

photo-fun with my bestie in the fields...

06 June, 2009


my shiny new lensbaby muse arrived todayyyy!!!
i have a feeling this will be my toy of the summer.

03 June, 2009

i can feel myself coming back...

i'm slowly coming back from this funk i've been in...
and its about FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!

here's something i shot for class this week that i'm rather proud of... seeing as i haven't taken 414 yet.

01 June, 2009

first year award

okay so i promise i'm not dead, i'm just extremely busy with my school, work, and man (who is fantastic!) i'll be out of school for the summer in three weeks and then i will return to blogland.

One quick thing to write about, i received the First Year Award from my school which is a huge and unexpected honor!! i really couldn't even believe it!! Apparently after the first year of school your teachers all come together and nominate students they felt stood out the most and worked hardest and show the most potential for success in the future and they picked me! I got to attend a luncheon with the president of brooks, academic department heads, and the pro photo director scott miles at the Arts and Letters Cafe, which was DELICIOUS (and free... always good)

After the luncheon we were presented a plaque and signed letter of recognition by the president and i was so excited i made them take pictures :) here they are! i am so so so grateful to the teachers who nominated me this was truly a huge huge honor and is motivating me to keep pushing.