05 November, 2010

Nina Gladkochtchekova (18+)

Greetings! This is my latest editorial, shot with the amazing Nina Gladkochtchekova! Styled by Nillie De Grakovac and Makeup by Joanna Berdzinska. I had so much fun shooting this, some highlights of the day were getting kicked out of Griffith Park and shooting instead in a neighborhood nearby, (aka, "Suburban Sexuality"). Enjoy!

Please be advised this series contains partial and implied nudity.

All images (c) Lindsey Boice 2010

04 November, 2010

LA Fashion Week

Here is a quick upload of a few pics from LAFW, we went to quite a few shows and in some we got to sit front row! We met a lot of cool people and discovered a lot of very talented new designers, definitely was quite the experience.

Here's a little video from one show, it's sideways but still pretty cool :)

Last week I had a great shoot with Nicole Valentine, she is an amazing hair and makeup artist and we've been wanting to collaborate for a long time! A designer I am completely in love with was kind enough to provide the pieces for the shoot, her name is Esther Jean and you should all know who she is! Her work is simply stunning. This series marks the beginning of my beauty portfolio, something I've been wanting to start for a while.

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01 November, 2010

Styling on America's Next Top Model!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get asked by my dear friends Charlie Altuna And Jany Stanley (AMAZING stylist duo) to assist them for a filming of America's Next Top Model, and ended up on screen a lot more than I thought I would haha! Here are some stills from the episode, and I've attached a link below if you want to see the whole episode.

ANTM Season 15, episode 5 (I think): "Karolina Kurkova"

This is another fashion story I shot a few weeks ago with my dear friend Jessica Draven, we had such a great day of shooting in Torro Canyon! Hope you like.

30 October, 2010

Disney Hall Editorial with Porsche Thomas

Joining my attempt to update le blog, another editorial I shot a few weeks ago! Porsche Thomas of Ford Models stars as the sexiest woman alive, with Devon Nuszer playing the role of the greatest and most patient stylist in the world. Also joining the cast are Joanna Berdzinska; champion makeup artist and dear friend, and Bethy Mireles as the hair stylist of the century. Sound like Los Angeles yet?



Photography: Lindsey Boice
Model: Porsche Thomas (Ford Models)
Styling: Devon Nuszer
Makeup: Joanna Berdzinska
Hair: Bethy Mireles

Venice Beach Editorial (18+ONLY)

Okay, finally going to catch up on my blogging over the next few days! First up is a fashion story I shot a few weeks ago with the stunning, the amazing, the one and only Tiffany Blake! I love her (and who could ever not?). Seriously. Everyone should be trying to work with this woman. She brings it.

Really excited to get this story published! I'm going home to Utah on Tuesday until the 11th, and my only projects will be submitting all my work for publication, and building my new website. And possibly testing with the Wilhelmina agency in Salt Lake City and shooting a senior portrait session or two and writing a song on the piano.

I never rest.

WARNING: This series contains the TASTEFUL exposure of skin,
and is intended only for tasteful viewers.