31 May, 2010

Artist to love

Today's little bit of inspiration comes in the form of photographer Alexi Lubomirski. He is one of my top five favorite photographers working today. I would do morally questionable things to get into this guy's studio. Enjoy and happy Memorial Day!

All images ©Alexi Lubomirski

30 May, 2010

It's not enough to soak yourself in gasoline,
you've got to light yourself on fire.

Back from my job in New Mexico, brimming with renewed determination to make my mark on the world. Last week was AMAZING! Got to spend a week on set in White Sands, New Mexico with Jim Jordan and an absolutely incredible team, shooting the new ad campaign for TSL jewelry's GORGEOUS new line. Couture gowns, millions of dollars in diamonds, beautiful models, white wolves, and a 1930's German sidecar motorcycle are just a few words to describe how awesome this shoot was. Due to legal contracts, I can't post pictures just yet but hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to put up a few behind the scenes shots. I'm so blessed by how much I got to learn and experience, and of course all of the amazing new friendships and contacts! Getting paid is pretty nice too ;)

Now to catch up on schoolwork... EEK.

17 May, 2010

Marisa Franco-Film

I've been experimenting with intentionally leaking light onto my exposed film before processing it... so far the effect is AWESOME!Looking forward to experimenting with this effect more.

[click to view larger]

today's shoot

Did a fashion quickie with Jennifer Strauss in the studio today, my first real attempt at styling a proper fashion shoot and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. Definitely getting the hang of fashion photography is going to be much harder work than I anticipated but I'm slowly becoming drawn into it.

[my composite for class]

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15 May, 2010

Hawaii pics!

Nearly finished editing my pics from Hawaii, here are some comps I threw together for display :)
Next up: Laura and Joe's wedding.
Almost done!

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07 May, 2010


While in Hawaii I managed to grab each of my brothers for a few frames in front of this window in my room, I absolutely love how they came out. I miss these kids every day.

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06 May, 2010

Joshua Tree Pics

In the whirlwind of everything going on, I completely forgot to post my pictures from Joshua Tree! I had such a fun time. I'm really glad I went and I can't wait to go back. The first four are pictures of me that Ashley Thomas (my travel/soul mate) took while we were exploring, she is so talented!

©Ashley Thomas 2010
©Ashley Thomas 2010
©Ashley Thomas 2010
©Ashley Thomas 2010

-My Stuff-

04 May, 2010

A Hawaiian Film Love Affair

So, I was in Oahu (paradise) all of last week and shot three rolls of film on my new boyfriend the Leica R9, I got my first roll back today and nearly screamed from a rush of photo ecstasy. I only had time to scan half the roll, but here it is... COMPLETELY UNEDITED. Can I just say one more time how wild I am about film!?

... I'm wild about film.

Click to view larger... you won't regret it.

03 May, 2010

So wrong it's right...

This little UK lovely is singer Eleanor Jackson of the synth-pop band "La Roux", I stumbled upon her music video while on the plane home from Hawaii and watched it at least five times! The strong 80's influence in her music is catchy and brilliantly used, and as a person she seems so incredibly interesting! Definitely a girl I'd love to meet/photograph.

Link to the music video HERE.

02 May, 2010


just got back from Hawaii,
epic slaying of my photoshop to-do list begins...


stay tuned party people.