15 December, 2009

Winter Break Goals:

1. Shoot at least 100 frames per day.

2. Drive to Portland to buy a Macbook Pro (tax free!) if I don't get one for Christmas.

3. Spend an entire day exploring at least three different cities on foot. (I'm thinking Tacoma, Portland and Port Orchard)

4. Come up with a concept for a complete series to do for myself, no school application whatsoever.

5. Tour two successful local photography studios in the Seattle area.

6. Learn something new about each member of my family.

7. Completely cleanse my body of coffee and alcohol.

8. Rediscover the person I'd like to be. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

I'll let you know how it goes!!

09 December, 2009

Cinema Makeup School

Two weeks ago, I did a photo shoot with the graduating class of the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles: 5 Makeup Artists, Two looks per model, 20 minutes per look to shoot. Here's my favorite shots:


Here are my favorites from my session with my darling Alexia a few weeks ago.. Finally making a dent in all my editing yay! More later hopefully.

02 December, 2009



Experimenting with more edgy and alternative crops and post production methods, trying to break out of the static commercial look a lot of my work has taken.

30 November, 2009


so backed up on my editing it's kind of ridiculous.
prepare yourself for
a visual torrent of posts to go up all at once in the near future.

20 November, 2009


This week my lovely Meesh and I had a little fun in the studio, I used the images for a fashion assignment for class where we had to do a series of different poses without changing the background or angle.

LF Fashion show

LF, one of my favorite stores, had a fashion show Thursday night and i got press access to take pictures. It was at this sweet bar called Blush and everyone there was so nice! It was a fun night.

[click to view full size]