30 November, 2009


so backed up on my editing it's kind of ridiculous.
prepare yourself for
a visual torrent of posts to go up all at once in the near future.

20 November, 2009


This week my lovely Meesh and I had a little fun in the studio, I used the images for a fashion assignment for class where we had to do a series of different poses without changing the background or angle.

LF Fashion show

LF, one of my favorite stores, had a fashion show Thursday night and i got press access to take pictures. It was at this sweet bar called Blush and everyone there was so nice! It was a fun night.

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18 November, 2009

15 November, 2009


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of assisting Maria Laxamana in LA shooting a look book for Carmelita Couture, fabulous designs and group! I had so much fun. Here are some random shots I took behind the scenes :)

The models waiting for hair/makeup

the lovely daughter of the stylist

ohhhh the clothes!!!

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14 November, 2009


shot of my little brother i took about a year ago.
yay for cleaning up my hard drives.


12 November, 2009

watch shot.

Behold the infamous Brooks PHO312 watch shot... I'm rather proud of how mine came out. Thanks for lending me your sex appeal Christian!!

11 November, 2009

Laura and Joe

This darling couple booked me to shoot a couple's session of them, we did these in Santa Monica and I love how they came out. And I love Laura and Joe of course!! We had so much fun and I miss them already :)

My favorites are the last two, the reflection on the sand and the colors of the sunset were so beautiful!

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08 November, 2009


I'm so in love with museums!! I try and visit a museum at least once a month, and with all the amazing options near by like the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Getty and the LACMA i'm in heaven. Here are a few pieces I found inspirational in my recent museum ventures...

Francois-Joseph Navez, "The Massacre of the Innocents" viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

"Springtime" and "The Storm", both by Pierre-Auguste Cot. Also seen at the Met, absolutely breathtaking in real life. The paintings are huge, probably 6 feet tall maybe even more and the light and color and emotion all amaze me!

This is Alberto Giacometti among his work, I viewed a few of his sculptures at the LACMA a few weeks ago and they are so amazing and haunting in person, it re-taught me the power of simplicity.

I can't really explain why, but i'm really drawn to art like this as well. A friend and I were trying to figure out the appeal when i saw this at LACMA and couldn't look away..

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