26 September, 2009

a LOVE for adventure

Today my dear friend Michelle and I decided to get out of Santa Barbara and explore the good town of Ventura, and do a little shopping of course! Sad thing is, all I bought was a dress from Urban Outfitters (I work there! Sad..) and a skirt from American Apparel. I rock. But shell found some sweet stuff at Buffalo Exchange! Afterward, we indulged our Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frapp addiction and drove home to witness the most epic sunset of all time. All in all i would say it was a glorious day!

21 September, 2009


Yet another thing of beauty, courtesy of my muse, Isabelle :)Taken for a portraiture assignment, in which we had to take a 3/4 picture with a complimentary hand position.

17 September, 2009

New Edits

Tonight I had a little spare time, so I edited some pics from my shoots in Seattle this last summer, I love them dearly and am glad I finally got through some of them!

16 September, 2009


In class we're concentrating on edge lighting and how to best light people's faces, here's one of my shots from a shoot i did yesterday, this is my friend John. More to come later!

[click for full size]

13 September, 2009

Maggie, Part 2

Thanks again Maggie!!
Best of luck with the move to LA

[click for full size]

11 September, 2009

Maggie, Part 1

So i literally love this series so much i couldn't even wait until i was done editing them all to blog!! I did a little shoot with my good friend Maggie at the SB courthouse yesterday, it was great to catch up and do a little practice portraits!! Here's three i like so far, the rest will be up tomorrow.

09 September, 2009

Bri+Dave's Wedding!!

So i just finished editing my pics from Brianne and Dave's wedding, it was so beautiful! They were married in Portland Oregon, in a beautiful Mormon temple. Afterward we drove back up to Seattle for the reception/madness! I love this couple and I loved being a part of their special day :) Hopefully I'll be booking some more wedding jobs in the future, I have three potential jobs at the moment. Each wedding I cover I fall more and more in love with wedding photography.