18 October, 2009

couple's assignment

okay, so i know i'm being a blog whore here but it's gonna be a crazy next couple days and i wanted to make sure i get everything up!! these two shoots were for a couple's assignment we had in my class, and i absolutely LOVE how they came out! they've actually inspired me to start drafting an "intimacy" series to be used as a couple's portfolio on my website. until today i'd never really worked with couples before in the studio and i absolutely love it!!

(Part 2 of the assignment was to do a classic and contemporary portrait of an individual, thus the single portraits mixed in here.)

[click for full size]

exploring the studio..

my cousins

I went to Santa Clarita this last weekend to visit my aunt and uncle and couldn't help taking some pics of my beautiful cousins!! it was my first real time photographing children, and i really like them :)

[click to view full size]

light testing

I did back to back couple's photoshoots in the studio today (to be posted within the hour) and took a few selfies while testing lights in-between sessions lol. i have no idea why i'm posting these.

My setup for series #1

they're not really edited, but click to view full size..

17 October, 2009

stuck in a rut

blehhhhhh. The end result of this session will potentially be my worst ever, but hopefully my spontaneous trip to NYC next weekend with Alyse Gilbert will snap me out of this funk!! I literally decided last thursday in science class that i wanted to go to New York during my one week break from school, and Alyse was a doll and opted to come with me!! 5 days in Manhattan. If this doesn't get me turned on to photography again i don't know what will...

That being said here are a few shots from last week's assignment i rather like... we had a senior portrait assignment and i did an extra credit series as well.

[these look much better full size, click to view]

The first series is of a lovely lady named Samantha, whom i met while being the TA for a Brooks workshop last summer. the second young lady is Bri, who i've done paid portraits for in the past. Her mother liked this series i did of her so much she's paying me for a DVD to make prints with!! that's always a huge compliment :)