31 March, 2009

A spinning top.

Remember those spinning tops we'd play with when we were kids? I've always felt that I was like those tops. Spinning so fast you can't make out my edges, self-contained and chaotic while at the same time simply letting the inertia of my movement pull me. Recently a series of events jarred me, throwing me off-center and into a chaotic spiral that could, at any moment have simply broken me. But a loving hand has come to steady me and bring me back to my center once again. I love the Lord so much and do not say it enough. 

There are a lot of people out there who may judge me, based on my religious decisions over the past few years, namely to convert from a lifetime of Mormonism to (Non-denominational) Christianity. But please understand I would give up anything and everything for the life I have now. God loves me, and I love him. Sometimes it really is just that simple. 

27 March, 2009

The Boys

My best friend from high school (Josh) stayed at my place along with two of his friends on Monday and Tuesday which was fun! They were on spring break and decided to road trip through California, it was great to see them all again! Here are some pics from breakfast...


In other exciting news, I have a very exciting weekend ahead! Visiting Grace Choi in LA tomorrow, then me and my friend Jennifer are going to Venice Beach to soak up the sunshine, then that night were going to our friend John's house in Orange County to spend the weekend! It is supposed to be 80 degrees the whole time!! I fully intend to do some hardcore tanning/pool time. It is much needed. 

And the very best part is my school is letting me borrow the Mamiya 67RZ medium format film camera and polaroid back for the entire weekend! I have literally 5 boxes of polaroid 669's and I am dying to shoot them!! Will scan and post those right away :)


23 March, 2009

Studio Portraits

Did a shoot with the lovely miss Christina Diapoulis today and really like how the pics came out. The makeup is fabulous and done by Elissya Bar-El who works for Bobbi Brown in Nordstrom. Hit her up!

(Getting ready to shoot)

These first three are the ones I like most 

21 March, 2009

I <3 Props

My newest online purchase arrived today!
This little beauty was only $3.50 +s/h on asianideas.com!
I cant wait to do a shoot with this!
Or even bring it to the beach hehe

16 March, 2009

man i will be sore tomorrow

I tried kickboxing class at the gym today
and not only looked like a fool 
(it moves really fast and i had no idea what was going on)
but can already feel
how unbearably sore i will be tomorrow.

Also, I (like every other Brooks student who saw her speak) still have Joyce Tenneson fever and have decided to begin producing a series of self-portraits. She has done a ton of them and it seems like they are very therapeutic and also something I haven't really tried before!

I went into the studio today to photograph a product for a school assignment and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was! I used the digital 4x5 tethered to a computer and whipped my shot out flawlessly without breaking a sweat! I must really be learning or something...

And in other news, i have decided to make some changes in my life, beginning with sticking up for myself. There are a lot of things in the past that i have let slide (and also let go) but i have decided that i know what i deserve and will no longer settle for anything other than that. 

Emma and Samantha

I took these two lovely girls to the beach for a little fun yesterday,
it was a wonderful, refreshing release to take pictures of two
such wonderful girls and to just have fun
without any requirements or expectations :)

15 March, 2009

Joyce Tenneson

Also while I'm thinking of it, I wanted to do a quick post about my night last night. 

I had the great honor of being able to see Joyce Tenneson (photo legend/God/idol) speak and I must say, as if I wasn't in love with her enough before that, I am positively infatuated now! She is SUCH a beautiful person inside and out and what I admire most about her is her honesty and humility in the face of all her many accomplishments. 

One thing i do NOT enjoy about the photographic society is the fact that many photographers develop a larger and larger ego the better they get. I, on the other hand wish to become more and more humble the better I get. I want to give myself over to my vision so much that I don't think of photography as a "career" but more a calling. And I deeply admire Joyce for her reverence and humility regarding her craft. 

I've decided to actively pursue researching her and possibly assisting for her someday!! After the seminar I went and purchased her book "A Life in Photography" and got to meet her and have her sign it for me!!!! 

Okay I'm really going to sleep now, tah!


(all images ©Joyce Tenneson)

Holy photo shoots !!

So I literally  have so many exciting things going on right now that I don't even have time to keep up with the editing (I strongly prefer to be out shooting than strapped to my computer, but at the same time love to edit. Its a love/hate relationship). Anyway, I got the pics of Grace up, here are my other projects currently in-cue to be edited and posted:

1. Jason's senior pictures
2. My shots from the studio experimenting with the new digital medium formats we're now allowed to use
3. My shoot with Sammi and Emma today (you will die when you see how good these came out)
4. My boxer shoot I am doing for this week's assignment.

Also, I am currently working to increase my presence on the web by:
-Updating my flickr, which has not been done in about 8 months now, I am not even going to post the link yet because it is so sad.
-Perfecting my website, http://www.lindseyboice.com
-Twitting, http://www.twitter.com/LBPhoto
-Networking on Model Mayhem, which I just started using a few days ago, http://www.modelmayhem.com/LMBPhoto
-Starting a myspace (old school, i know) for my photography.

Stay tuned...

Miss Grace

Here are the shots I did with the lovely miss Grace Choi, fashion extraordinaire, while I was home over break. Taken in the Capitol Hill area, we had lots of fun and delicious coffee afterward!! It turns out we are actually soulmates and plan to travel the world together as an unstoppable force of fashion and photo :)

Check out her blog: