24 June, 2010

England Wedding!

Here are some of my favorite images from the glorious union of Laura Kelly and Joe England! So much great stuff from that day, it took forever to choose what to put up here :) I love them both dearly.

men of the groom...
maids of the bride

Laura the morning of the wedding!

sister vs. sister!

our favorite shot of the night I think! hahahaha

Shooting another wedding this Sunday, I can hardly wait!

15 June, 2010

Editorial Fashion

Here's my pride and joy of the session, my editorial series for my fashion class! I put a ton of work into this little beauty, I even styled the entire shoot myself! The waist piece in shot #2 and the entire dress in shot #4 were both made by yours truly :)

A huge thank you to everyone who helped, Lunabella for hair/makeup, Josh Manore for assisting all day long, Ashley Thomas for letting me borrow some of her awesome pieces, and of course Michelle Hauff for being my stunning muse!


[Click to view larger]

10 June, 2010

Things Lately

Here are some images I've submitted in the last couple of weeks for the fashion class, each shoot has more selects that I'm working on and will post soon as I get the chance :)

05 June, 2010

CD Revolution

This week in Advanced Photoshop class we had an assignment due, a 5 image series that demonstrates the manipulation of color and texture to achieve a more interesting image. Part of that assignment was to print and display the series in a unique and creative way.

What I came up with, was to use old CD cases to create a tile effect with large 15x17 prints on watercolor paper. Since CD cases are completely un-recycleable, this is also a really great way to help do your part in going green! There are so many possibilities with CD cover display, you could make a huge mural of individual photos, or do what I did and make big prints look even more interesting! Give it a try, we all have old CD's lying around :)

These are my five images, at the end is a picture of one of my prints in the tile format.

The images look a little intense this small and close together, but if you click on them you'll see them much bigger and more beautiful :)

03 June, 2010

The Dutchess

Here are my selects from my shoot with the lovely miss Boinay (aka, Dutch) Tuesday night, hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!! The first five are the ones I submitted for class, but I also did some shots on the side that dabble in the fine-art/contemporary realm that I love as well :) very VERY happy with this shoot.

[click to view larger]