15 December, 2009

Winter Break Goals:

1. Shoot at least 100 frames per day.

2. Drive to Portland to buy a Macbook Pro (tax free!) if I don't get one for Christmas.

3. Spend an entire day exploring at least three different cities on foot. (I'm thinking Tacoma, Portland and Port Orchard)

4. Come up with a concept for a complete series to do for myself, no school application whatsoever.

5. Tour two successful local photography studios in the Seattle area.

6. Learn something new about each member of my family.

7. Completely cleanse my body of coffee and alcohol.

8. Rediscover the person I'd like to be. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

I'll let you know how it goes!!


  1. port orchard is where I am from. Go to downtown on bay street thats the most interesting and banner forest is pretty cool but you can get lost really easily so be careful. and tacoma is awesome, its probably my favorite city ever

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