10 February, 2010


2010 is blowing my mind.

I've never really put much stock in the belief that a new year triggers a real change in your life, I mean is there really a difference between December 31st and January 1st? But there's something about this year... I can definitely say the days have been the best I've ever had, and the good times show no sign of stopping.

Life is seriously SO GOOD.
I hate to go spewing sunshine and rainbows on everyone but I simply can't get over how great things have been! New friends, new experiences, new opportunities, I feel like I'm living to the fullest for the first time.

Two recent events of note:

I got THE internship. The exact one I wanted, my number one choice! With insanely successful commercial/celebrity photographer Peggy Sirota! I'm in the office Monday/Wednesday, today was my second day and already I've learned so much. I feel SO inspired by her, she is basically everything I want to be. She has 5 kids, a hugely successful career and is her own boss. I want to be her 15 years from now.

Also, attended an AMAZING event at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this past weekend,I went to a screening of "Posse", a 1975 western film which was followed by a Q&A with THE Quentin Tarantino and the director/star of "Posse" Kirk Douglas, who is 93! It was incredible.


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