31 March, 2010

current status:

Two GE's,
photo class,
internship with Peggy Sirota 2x week,
part-time at Urban Outfitters,
shooting personal series on top of school,
prepping to shoot a wedding in two weeks,
and Bronchitis on top of it all!

If I can make it through the next few weeks,
I can make it through anything.

images coming soon.


  1. WOW! You are still sick? you need a day off to get some zzzzzzzz.
    But I know you wont because you have the work ethic of a Mack Truck.

  2. Bronchitis is no joke, and if you are still going hard with bronchitis you are a Champ.
    Make work, but don't forget Keep it Simple. and Enjoy the Little things..