11 April, 2010

Film pt. 3

More film more film more film film film!

Here's some 35mm goodness I shot a few weeks ago when Ash and I went to LA to see a special screening at the Arclight of Oddsac, which is a visual collaboration between Animal Collective (music) and Danny Perez (visuals/director). We dropped by Lane's place before meeting up with our friend Bridger and some awesome ladies from school. It was such a fun night! Oddsac is AMAZING by the way, it completely blew my mind and was so inspiring! Youtube it immediately to see the trailer!! It's set to be released on DVD and iTunes June 29th.

Lane's bf is not only a talented musician in the band Strung Out, but also an incredible artist! This is a space in their apartment where he paints.
[Living room]
[Lane's beautiful baby bump!]
[view from the apartment]
[click to view larger]

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