30 May, 2010

It's not enough to soak yourself in gasoline,
you've got to light yourself on fire.

Back from my job in New Mexico, brimming with renewed determination to make my mark on the world. Last week was AMAZING! Got to spend a week on set in White Sands, New Mexico with Jim Jordan and an absolutely incredible team, shooting the new ad campaign for TSL jewelry's GORGEOUS new line. Couture gowns, millions of dollars in diamonds, beautiful models, white wolves, and a 1930's German sidecar motorcycle are just a few words to describe how awesome this shoot was. Due to legal contracts, I can't post pictures just yet but hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to put up a few behind the scenes shots. I'm so blessed by how much I got to learn and experience, and of course all of the amazing new friendships and contacts! Getting paid is pretty nice too ;)

Now to catch up on schoolwork... EEK.

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