05 June, 2010

CD Revolution

This week in Advanced Photoshop class we had an assignment due, a 5 image series that demonstrates the manipulation of color and texture to achieve a more interesting image. Part of that assignment was to print and display the series in a unique and creative way.

What I came up with, was to use old CD cases to create a tile effect with large 15x17 prints on watercolor paper. Since CD cases are completely un-recycleable, this is also a really great way to help do your part in going green! There are so many possibilities with CD cover display, you could make a huge mural of individual photos, or do what I did and make big prints look even more interesting! Give it a try, we all have old CD's lying around :)

These are my five images, at the end is a picture of one of my prints in the tile format.

The images look a little intense this small and close together, but if you click on them you'll see them much bigger and more beautiful :)


  1. gosh girly, these are extraordinary in their beautiful simplicity. you produce stunning work.

  2. oh I really really really really like these