07 May, 2011

New Beauty-Hilary Cruz of Ford Models

Hello hello!

Lots of exciting things happening right now,
I've been shooting like crazy and will be posting
a lot of stuff over the next week or so.
This is a beauty series I shot a few weeks ago,
Hair and makeup by Bethany Ruck,
and model Hilary Cruz of Ford Models.

Fun fact, Hilary was the 2007 Miss Teen USA! (Couldn't help mentioning it)
Anyway she was so nice and we had a lot of fun.
My goal is to have a full beauty portfolio by the end of the year,
so I'll be putting up a lot of beauty over the next few months.
Check back soon!

All Images ©Lindsey Boice Photography 2011

1 comment:

  1. Great work as always!

    I am excited to see what you do with your career Miss Boice!
    Keep up the good work my friend.