15 April, 2009

i must say...

i'm pretty stoked about life right now :) i have been shooting like a madwoman and am really pleased with how everything is turning out! especially my shoot with ashley yesterday i must say i am still buzzing off how good those came out. I'm FINALLY realizing how to use light and it's making a huge difference in the quality of my work.

Also, since the original intention of creating this blog was not to just dump my pictures, here are some random facts about myself you may not know, so that you get to know me just a little bit better :)

1. i have a hard lump in my left arm right by the inside of my elbow right beneath the skin that is roughly the size of a jelly bean. i have no idea what it is or where it came from!

2. I keep a post-it note over the webcam lens on my iMac screen because i am convinced that people can hack into them via the internet and watch me dance around my house in my underwear. 

3. I currently own 8 cameras.

4. I have been in love (well, i thought i was) a total of two times. And deeply regret both of them.

5. When i was younger, i was a reading FREAK. Like, i would read entire books in one day and stay up all night reading. I will always love books. 

6. I have three little birds, sunny, meadow and reef. They are freaks, but i love them.


  1. I always wondered about #2 :)

  2. i have a post-it note over my webcam too!

  3. Lindsey, your pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL! I just love them, you are obviously very talented.
    Are you coming to the reunion?

  4. I bet #6 is the reason you had such a creative imagination when you were little. I remember being at a reunion when you were probably only 4 or 5 and I was impressed with your imagination and the things you came up with to play with the other little cousins.

  5. Actually number 2 is real... it happened to me... Ian was going through some stuff on my lap top and said that someone hacked in and took a picture of me every 3 seconds for the last few months... I put my computer in front of my shower to like listen to music... I'm naked alot when im alone to... ( i felt 100% violated) dont trust your web cam.