26 April, 2009


things are going so well! i got a job at Urban Outfitters which is very exciting because i love that store and the people i work with seem really cool. my main goal in getting a job that isn't photography related is to bring some balance to my life. i've been feeling like my life is all photography all the time and i just feel like it will be refreshing to hang out with people who DONT go to brooks and to make some money will be nice too! so far the job is going wonderfully i went out with some co-workers last night and had a lot of fun :) the real trouble is going to be when my employee discount card gets here... 40% off!!!!!!!!

in other news, i've started to get booked up for real paying jobs which is very exciting as well! here are some shots from a shoot i did with two girls last sunday, they saw the pics i took of emma and sami and wanted to hire me to take some of them together! i'm also shooting a wedding this summer in WA which is very exciting as well. 

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