27 February, 2009

Road Trip!

So I'm heading back home to Seattle tomorrow and will be visiting my family until next saturday! I'm sad to leave the sunny weather, but the rain of Seattle has it's own beauty as well:) 

I have a couple shoots planned with some friends which I am wildly excited about, and then on Thursday I am thinking about taking a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula! I hear it is so amazingly beautiful and I can't believe I've always lived so close and never explored before! There are all sorts of ocean views, trails, even a wildlife preservation and rainforest.

The plan is: 
I am going to rent a car, since i don't want to inconvenience my family by stealing one of theirs for two days, then I am going to drive south from my home of Federal Way, through Tacoma, then West to Port Orchard, then up to Port Angeles, where I'm thinking I'll stay the night. I plan to make lots of stops along the way, taking any road that intrigues me so I'm anticipating the 4 hour drive to turn into an all-day event. 

Then the next day I'm going to drive onward to Forks (okay being a Twilight fan I'm kind of stoked) then drive to La Push (twilight again) and then depending on how I'm feeling either I'll head back home the way I came, or loop South along the coast and take the long way home. I am so excited so stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures when i get back!

Sadly though, this means I most-likely won't be blogging for about a week or so but maybe I'll try and jump on occasionally. Happy break week Brookies!

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