21 February, 2009

The Sky

Yesterday I was riding my bike to the gym around 5pm and came to two realizations;
1. i LOVE riding my bike. It has been raining which has forced me into my car, and I hadn't realized how very very much I love riding my bike. Hearing the sounds of the city, the smells, the wind in my hair, the exercise, helping the environment, it is bliss.
2. There was the most breathtaking, beautiful magic hour sky I've ever seen in my life. 

If you live in Santa Barbara I hope you saw it! Sadly, all i had on me was my little Cannon point and shoot, but i managed to snap some pics without hitting any cars, though i very nearly got hit by one myself haha. 

These are just jpegs, the only post work i did to them was to bring down the foreground with a curve in Adobe Photoshop CS4 so that the attention was directed to the sky. Enjoy.

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