22 February, 2009


Regardless of how much in love I am with Santa Barbara, I've been feeling a very strong and distinct need to get out of here and soon. I have a one week break from school coming up in a few weeks and I'm working on planning a trip, preferably by myself, to somewhere random and AMAZING.
Perhaps Mexico, or even driving to Utah or something.

I felt this way in smaller degrees during Christmas break, so i tried to satiate the vagabond urge in me by taking a few day sabbatical to the LA area. I drove down to see the Getty Museum, something I've really been wanting to do, and it didn't disappoint. That place is spectacular. After that i drove down to spend a few days with my good friend John Mahoney in Orange County. Actually i would call him more of a soulmate than a friend, that guy is one of the more amazing people i've had the pleasure to know :)
And then on the way back up i did some time in Venice which never disappoints either. After getting some henna done and incense i felt ready to tackle another session of school.

But sadly, now the feelings are back and stronger than ever before.  I think i just hate monotony, waking up and knowing what to expect from my day already. I need to do something to break up the tedious march of similar days.

I've included a few photos I took at the Getty, 
just silly little things i took but i love them all the same :)

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  1. these pictures are beautiful linds :) well done!