05 March, 2009


So there is this mall near me that was recently rennovated called Southcenter,
and i went down there yesterday to check it out and went WILD! haha.
I've been working on "growing up" my style lately
and evolving from my ususal band-T and skinny jeans
and yesterday was definitely progress.
I can't wait to debut my new looks when i get back to Cali!
In other news, my peninsula road/photo trip is on!!
I almost bailed on the idea because the weather was iffy
but as of today there is a prediction of sunshine all day long tomorrow!
so i'm just going to cram the whole trip into one day now insetead of two.
I am so so so excited!
I'm leaving at 7am, driving through Tacoma, Port Orchard, Port Angeles, La Push, and then back.

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