27 March, 2009

The Boys

My best friend from high school (Josh) stayed at my place along with two of his friends on Monday and Tuesday which was fun! They were on spring break and decided to road trip through California, it was great to see them all again! Here are some pics from breakfast...


In other exciting news, I have a very exciting weekend ahead! Visiting Grace Choi in LA tomorrow, then me and my friend Jennifer are going to Venice Beach to soak up the sunshine, then that night were going to our friend John's house in Orange County to spend the weekend! It is supposed to be 80 degrees the whole time!! I fully intend to do some hardcore tanning/pool time. It is much needed. 

And the very best part is my school is letting me borrow the Mamiya 67RZ medium format film camera and polaroid back for the entire weekend! I have literally 5 boxes of polaroid 669's and I am dying to shoot them!! Will scan and post those right away :)


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