31 March, 2009

A spinning top.

Remember those spinning tops we'd play with when we were kids? I've always felt that I was like those tops. Spinning so fast you can't make out my edges, self-contained and chaotic while at the same time simply letting the inertia of my movement pull me. Recently a series of events jarred me, throwing me off-center and into a chaotic spiral that could, at any moment have simply broken me. But a loving hand has come to steady me and bring me back to my center once again. I love the Lord so much and do not say it enough. 

There are a lot of people out there who may judge me, based on my religious decisions over the past few years, namely to convert from a lifetime of Mormonism to (Non-denominational) Christianity. But please understand I would give up anything and everything for the life I have now. God loves me, and I love him. Sometimes it really is just that simple. 

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