15 March, 2009

Joyce Tenneson

Also while I'm thinking of it, I wanted to do a quick post about my night last night. 

I had the great honor of being able to see Joyce Tenneson (photo legend/God/idol) speak and I must say, as if I wasn't in love with her enough before that, I am positively infatuated now! She is SUCH a beautiful person inside and out and what I admire most about her is her honesty and humility in the face of all her many accomplishments. 

One thing i do NOT enjoy about the photographic society is the fact that many photographers develop a larger and larger ego the better they get. I, on the other hand wish to become more and more humble the better I get. I want to give myself over to my vision so much that I don't think of photography as a "career" but more a calling. And I deeply admire Joyce for her reverence and humility regarding her craft. 

I've decided to actively pursue researching her and possibly assisting for her someday!! After the seminar I went and purchased her book "A Life in Photography" and got to meet her and have her sign it for me!!!! 

Okay I'm really going to sleep now, tah!


(all images ©Joyce Tenneson)

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  1. um. yeah!!! haha I'll call you :)

    and these photos are wonderful! lucky you got to meet her!